Monday, February 23, 2015

Foreign Hues Bringing a New Sound and New Cultural Colors to Town

Deep they stroke underneath the skin are the lyrics opening the song First Words of the new album by Foreign Hues, as these words describe impeccably how we feel about the new band’s debut album. 



Written, composed and produced by bandleader Yonit Spiegelman, this album is an original and eye opening music piece in every point of view; Combining the smoothness of Soul and R&B, Spiegelman creates with her band a unique fusion of world music, taking advantage of her band members originated from the different corners of earth.
We met for a short interview with Spiegelman prior to the release of the album February 26th.

How did you come up with the name “Foreign Hues”?
It was actually quite a process… We were really trying to captivate the spirit of our music. We want to believe we bring something new and exciting to the scene, and we want to inspire our music from different cultures, colors and places.

Are the songs inspired from that multi-cultural experience?
Not quite. I write the lyrics about my everyday experience, trying to reach the deeper levels of my day-to-day life. From life to love to music I just try to express myself.  We actually also just started composing together, we have a new song called “Every Minute” That I co-wrote with lead singer Marina Maiztegui that I absolutely love and can’t wait for you to hear!

Speaking of, when will we be able to hear all these songs performed live?
Great question! We will be embarking on an east coast tour as of this coming April, and we will be featured in the famous Bitter End, Georges-André Vintage Café, Boston GreenFest 2015 and Boston’s Summer in the City. So stay in tune!

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